Wednesday, June 25, 2014

the human brain

is a complicated thing. if our minds belong to us, why are they so hard to control sometimes?
i suppose i'll find out in a lifetime or so.

Thursday, June 12, 2014

my weekend: a lil' slice of heaven but also way too hot

guys, it's summah timeeeeeee!
cue the long island iced teas and porch nights. 
the campfires and warm weather.
the jorts and vacation time.
FINALLY time for some fun!

well, unless you're me of course. you see, i'm living the cali dream; (f)unemployed and always sweaty. you could say it's already been four months of (a long, hot, lonely) summer for me, so i'm pretty much ready for fall.

okay i'm 25% joking. since moving, getting married and having a lot of other high intensity situations all coming into my life at the same time, i've actually been pretty busy (and sweaty), and i truly am super stoked for my first full summer in the states with my man. 

california in the summer is really like no other. folks, we've got the palm trees, we've got the boats, and we've got the awesome national parks that we are killing one car at a time. i've never been so hot in my life! the last couple days have been about 40 degrees celsius, and without any humidity in the air (never thought i'd miss that), i'm literally on the constant edge of combustion.

this past weekend, me and some of my nearest and dearest took an awesome 24 hour trip to chico. we camped on the way up, and on saturday took an amazing tour of the sierra nevada brewery, and saw a bit of the chico campus. not pictured is the amazing hairstyle i created on colin, and colin and i hanging later on saturday with some older people who called us the hope for our generation. *blushhhhhh*.

colin made us some pretty epic meals. the #dickonastick was a great conversation starter AND tasted delicious.


we swam in one of those places i'd consider heaven on earth... mind you i'm a water girl. but i mean, just look at it. it was indescribably beautiful. 

sorry ladies, this man candy is taken, plus he has weird tan lines.


we took a short tour of chico campus as well, where me and steph's husbands had a mundane/crappy short career back in the day. on the positive side, it led blaze to run away to another country (cue us), and tyler moving home (cue steph). so thanks chico state for kinda sucking!

next up was the sierra nevada brewery tour which of course we knew was going to be fun (free beer!), but it turned out so much better than i anticipated! stay tuned for my next blog post on this amazing and sustainable company :)

conveniently there's a pub/restaurant located on the property, so we headed there after. me and steph found that man candy again, steph couldn't contain her excitement. stay cool steph, stay cool.

seriously it was such a good weekend. many obnoxious things were exclaimed like "this is the best meal i've ever had!", "guys i'm so happy right now!", or "this is the best water i've ever been in!". but whatever they were all true.

hope all your summer's are off to just as awesome of a start!


Wednesday, June 11, 2014

"i love you."
"how much do you love me?"
"all the loves."