Tuesday, October 28, 2014

i have to admit, i imagined myself writing a lot more on this blog over the fall. but it's been an eventful season, and i haven't always divided up my time the best ;)
speaking of my time, things are really changing for me. since receiving my greencard, i have gotten two jobs. and after not being able to legally work since february... well to say i'm ready is an understatement. here's to hoping this new schedule change results in more blogging time!

my friend wrote a note the other day that was really inspiring, and i wanted to share a little bit of it. i have a feeling it will be just as encouraging to you as it was to me.

"What I've been thinking about lately is that some things you just straight-up won't be prepared for when you sign up. But that burning desire to give your life to something you think could turn into something great, and could mean something, is there for a reason. The desire to grow yourself and never stop growing can only be appeased with risk and perseverance and commitment.... and when you've reached a plateau, it's time to dream and risk and persevere all over again. 
Is it the scariest thing ever? Yes. That means you care. Is it even scarier to know you care? Mega yes. But God is with you."

-Sarah Hyland

Monday, October 13, 2014


sometimes the easiest way to let go
to move on 
to stop giving in
to get stronger
is to accept that you don't want to let go
you're not ready to move on
you usually give in
and you're weak.