Sunday, December 27, 2015

back in the kitchen!

back with a couple more recipes that have (mostly) worked in my favour! give one a try and let me know if you do!

well, it doesn't get easier than this one. blaze and i did this for the family when in kauai. it's pretty straightforward, but:
-we bought fish with bones by mistake. luckily it's easy to debone. youtube it if you're not sure how
-also, double all the seasoning (minus the lemon). this seems to be a reoccurring theme with cooking and baking in general 

result was nommy and got all around five stars. does get easier. i think that IS the theme of my recipes in general right?? i followed the directions pretty literally, and the results were bomb. somehow it always impresses people, probably due to the fact it comes out of a crockpot, and it's gone in an instance!

this one was a bit more special. i struggled a bit, and it was kinda unique, but mostly everyone liked it. there were some changes to be had.
-i used less banana and more pumpkin (an idea i got from reading comments)
-i was super generous with seasoning 
-i also added dark dairy-free chocolate chips to the top of them when done. two or three since they were small.

the whip went well-make sure you give it a good mixing.
these need to be cooked for quite awhile AND refrigerated for quite awhile. the longer the better. even though i followed the blog's timing i think letting it bake and sit longer would've helped with firmness.

overall, would do all these recipes again (and have with several of them). happy baking!

Monday, December 21, 2015

I'm tickled pink that things aren't going my way
Cuz that would be boring
Spent my last cent on cheese and champagne
What a wonderful morning!
Nevermind she declined to the first date
It was only on my birthday
Never mind all the lines on the highway
Gimme time to reflect a bit cuz

I'm just having a good day
Having a good day
Having a real good morning
I'm just having a good day
Having a good day
Having a real good morning
-benj heard

Sunday, December 20, 2015