Monday, December 22, 2014


what a lovely december it's been, and a BUSY december. i can't believe it's only three more days till one of the best days of the year. the other day this year, of course, was march 21 ;)
currently i am sitting at home in a tornado of wrapping paper, christmas lights, and presents for family. but when future of forestry's christmas album is playing in the background, everything seems manageable.
here are some of my favourite snapshots from these past few months. enjoy!

HAIRCUT! yes, yes i am loving it.

cabin daze. my favourite little spot.

brothers                                   /       #colindrado... no words

he loves his mama so much!

blaze is a natural with children... /       family                                                      

fall vibes

loved the drive to and from colorado. enamoured by the beauty of utah. can't take credit for the lyrics though... band of horses is my fave :) 

marissa's bday!       /    a beautiful night in nevada city

christmas party time.

my first 'winter' in california will be one i look upon often, i'm sure of it. even if there's not any snow.


Sunday, December 21, 2014

a taste of blaze

actually getting to spend blaze's birthday WITH him was a new and exciting thing for me this year. the week surrounding december 7th was filled with a whole lot of movies, soda, and more movies. the night before his birthday we had an awesome time doing blaze-ish things with awesome friends. it went as what follows...


all things epic are what this photo is made of.

humble birthday boy       /                     cute people

the birthday night takes a twist.

although i got a lot more stomach aches than usual, i wouldn't want to have stomach aches with anyone else. happy birthday #blazerman. here's to lots of hot dogs and fireball in our future!