Thursday, June 25, 2015

the open road

so this past week me and blazer went on a little adventure up the coast. we hit the road early one morning, egg mcmuffins in hand, and expectations out the window.
it turned out to be, without a doubt, the greatest trip we have taken since we got married last spring. in our short time of marriage we've been lucky to travel across states, the country, and the continent... but something about just the two of us, the open road, and a good playlist, made for some serious magic.
i totally meant to film more, but this'll do till our next trip:

so here's to wal-mart parking lots, eating donuts, spending 30 minutes untangling a kite, losing our keys in the forest, kissing at the gym, eating cinnamon rolls, waking up beside the ocean, petting lots of dogs, goodwill shopping sprees, hotel showers, snuggling in our hammock, taking shots around the campfire, eating more donuts, awkwardly trying to pet more dogs, playing at waterfalls, long car conversations.
here's to many more special adventures with my best friend, forever boyfriend, and family; blaze russo.