Friday, August 29, 2014

everything's better on a boat

last weekend may have been my favourite weekend of august. family, a gorgeous boat, and a delicious dinner. need i say more? i'll let the pictures do most of the talking today. thank you laurel for hostessing a wonderful night!

this beauty was ours for the night.

being handed a glass of champagne with a smile (and the man was canadian too!). i wish my mornings started like this. take note blaze.

sometimes i fall in love with a picture of mine and i just have to recreate it different ways. i think it's obvious why i fell in love with this one. look at those two pretty faces!

twisty staircases are my favourite / the bow


on my bucketlist for sure. on a scale of one to romance, that gets a pretty high score.

balze being suave / the dirty shirleys begin

the in-laws / ellay films, is that you??

you may not be able to tell from my pictures, but i have an attractive spouse / 
stealing a kiss

there we go :)

sunsets on the water trump all other sunsets.

eating dinner on the top floor. the view with the night sky and stars all around.... no words / 
several dirty shirleys into the night

precious cousin moments as we say our goodbyes / i was in mid-laugh as ryan fell on her butt in the background

the most sought after kisses of the night!

and now i'm missing these faces extra... happy friday friends :) enjoy the last days of august!


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