Monday, January 27, 2014


a new and more possibly official blog, and my first reaction is to explain to any readers out there why i'm creating it (of course).

currently, i'm days away from an interview at the american embassy that will determine the course of my future, weeks away from moving to a different country... and in the very present moment i clearly have a lot to do.

this is the first half of my reasoning (because i'm avoiding my work and because life right now is worth blogging about!).
the second half, i suppose, is because i adore blogging, bloggers, and the blogger world. i've been a blogger since late 2008, although i truly started writing posts back in the msn blogging days dating back to 2005 or so (just didn't know those were blogs back then).

i'm very late on the bandwagon of making this blogging ritual more public, but whatevs. and any ways, i may hold off on the idea of it being 'public'.

either way, welcome!


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