Friday, May 30, 2014

teen's at the moment list

what i'm highly enjoying this week:
the secret life of walter mitty (2013):
i'm not the hugest television/film fan in general, or maybe i should say i wasn't. because honestly being married to a screen-writing major has been slowly softening my heart... but i'll save that for another post. any ways i can not guarantee no animals were harmed in the making of this movie (cause i seriously think about those things), but since most movies these days don't give a what-what about the environment (and the messages they're sending), i have to often get past that and decide if the meaning is worth the means. and in this case, i suppose it was. ben stiller did an AMAZING job acting and directing this movie of adventure and inspiration. simple yet oh so deep. and after a little research i discovered it was originally a short story by james thurber. ultimately folks, i realize i'm behind the times cause this came out awhile ago but if you're like me and forced to have a movie night with a friend... choose this! you won't be disappointed.

what i'm feeling so-so on this week:
the honest life by jessica alba (2013)
my sister gifted me this book as part of a wedding gift and i think i had pretty much finished it by the end of the honeymoon. i am a huge sucker for non-fiction informative stuff... if it involves self-help or ways to improve the environment, i am there! now, there was a LOT i enjoyed about the book. you get the sense that alba has really done her homework when it comes to household products and food. and really, the book is a great advertisement for her company the honest company. i've already been on the hunt for some of her products. what totally rubbed me the wrong way was that ultimately, it was about how to keep her and her own family safe. yes, she implies caring about the environment to a certain degree, but where's the chapter on how to choose your clothing, for example? oh that's right, in typical celebrity fashion she does have a chapter on clothing, but it's more about fashion, and those 'classic pieces' we all need. okay, she does suggest organic material, but jessica? what about how the environment is harmed by clothes being shipped across the ocean, coming from factories polluting not only the air but the minds of the children trapped there? come onnnn.
ultimately i would recommend this book, but it doesn't really present us with any new information and her suggestions aren't forward enough.

what i'm passionately enraged about this week: 
meriam yehya ibrahim on death row in sudan
so, i am super into internet petitions these days. as an activist of some sort i was pretty sceptical when i signed up to start receiving emails from sites like too good to be true right? but over the years i have seen countless petitions i have signed ACTUALLY make changes. it's been amazing. and even when things haven't succeeded to a degree, the site keeps me up to date with injustices all around the world. this particular case really has been laying heavy on my heart.this sudanese mother is being sentenced to death for being a christian (and married to a muslim). she was just recently forced to give birth IN the prison... where her and her two year old son are at the moment. this is so grotesque. i can't imagine how they are being treated. the times of holding back people for their beliefs is well over. please take the time to help meriam

have a righteous weekend my friends!


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