Saturday, May 17, 2014

Jean Cottrill

Today I called my Grandma. Confession: the first time since I've moved here. Ya... that'd make it like 3 months :| Let's just say I'm not always the best grand-daughter. Any ways, I'm so glad I did. My Grandma is such an amazing strong woman. She had an extremely hard childhood during the depression, never finished high school, but found God in the midst of it all. She met Edward, fell in love, and got married. They had a family which she is so proud of, but tragically while my dad was in college and my aunt and uncle were still in high school, Ed died suddenly. 

My Grandma and I are very different people and do not agree on many things. But she is always so happy to hear from me and we have a great time talking. Due to a broken hip at Christmas, she wasn't able to make it to my wedding, and I missed having here there indeed. 

We had fun talking about the wedding, her recent birthday, and all the family kinds of things, and she gave me some needed (and unneeded) advice. But the one thing that stuck with me the most, near the end of the conversation, was when she said,

"It doesn't matter who you were ten years ago. It matters who you are today."

We hear these kind of cliché quotes in every movie, and God knows I read them too many times a day on Instagram. But having a wise woman who has really LIVED life say something like that to you... it sticks. It's one of those kind of truths that seem to bounce right off my heart no matter how many times I repeat it in my head. I needed her to say that (although I wouldn't say that it was exactly ten years ago I regret... try a few years forward). And now I need it to settle into my mind for a good while.

Thanks Grandma.


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