Sunday, January 25, 2015

A Cheesy Love Story - The Ad Doritos Don't Want You to See

Hey Friends! Sum of Us has created an ad that they will be entering in Doritos' Superbowl Contest this year. Although it will not be chosen for obvious reasons, it's very clever and has already caught a lot of attention with almost 2 million views.

"Rainforests across Southeast Asia are being destroyed every day to make way for massive palm oil plantations, where workers, even children, are trapped in modern slavery to cultivate the vegetable oil. The clearing of these rainforests and peatlands are driving many species like the orangutan and Sumatran tiger to the brink of extinction, while simultaneously polluting the Earth’s atmosphere by releasing gigatons of greenhouse gases.

Each year, Doritos' parent company PepsiCo buys 427,500 tonnes of palm oil. Given how high profile the Doritos Super Bowl campaign is, we’re using this opportunity to let consumers around the world know about PepsiCo’s irresponsible palm oil sourcing policy. There’s never been a better time to spread the message and make friends, family and colleagues aware of PepsiCo’s practices."

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