Thursday, February 12, 2015

this is happiness

i have been following the case of Mariam Yahia Ibrahim Ishag for quite some time and am SO happy to report that not only is she free, but she is living in the states!

article on her departure from sudan and entrance into italy:

awhile back i signed THIS petition:
you can also read more on her case here. but it was yet another story of unfair and unjustified imprisonment. (it seems her name is being spelt two different ways all over the internet).
she was jailed while pregnant and actually birthed her child with shackles on. disgusting. 

ultimately, this case to me is proof that as a person halfway across the world with nothing but an opinion, a difference can still be made. i hope that is a bit of inspiration for you today. 

oh and yes i have been having a splendid birthday week. yesterday was the big 2 6 and the fun isn't even over yet.

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