Wednesday, February 25, 2015

take the long way home

glorious 2015, stay nice to me!

my life lately...

i have to be credited some sort of adult maturity for spending xmas apart from my immediate family, and not even being that depressed about it! also we worked out on christmas day. i loved it. blaze hated it.

colin being a hot biznitch.

canada... y'all know how that went. chickens, newborn babes, a lot of late nights of laughing, good food, much snow.

some of my favourite boys everrrr.

also, metric and lights was always playing on the radio. i think blaze started to question if canadian radio stations are in touch with the rest of the world.

my nearest and dearest. one in a million right here!

i was going to add in some february pictures, but considering there's four of us in the family that have february birthdays, and we each had about four-ish celebrations.... well that's a lot of pictures. and yes i'm hiding in the corner of my apartment until the end of february, hoping no one invites me to another birthday dinner. i can't take the food and alcohol and presents anymore! 
just kidding to my dear family. it's been the most fun month ever, and i can't wait till next february ;)

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