Sunday, February 2, 2014

a detox journey

i'd say that taking my environmental/health views to the next level with my diet is a resolution for this year, but i'm still working on my resolutions list... (procrastination at its finest-another area on my list!). 

any ways, what i've started with this month so far is a sugar-free week that i just recently completed. instead of being severe and cutting out a box of crackers that had only a few grams of sugar in the whole thing, i cut out anything obvious, and read labels before eating (example: there's a LOT of sugar in ketchup). what i found surprising was
a)by the end of the week i didn't really feel like sugar any more and
b)the biggest difference i saw was that i had less mood changes.

for a SERIOUS chocolate lover i found this very surprising. but i felt refreshed. i'd like to say i decided to continue on with it but here it is sunday evening and i've ate way too many cookies and cinnamon hearts today. i moved back in with my parents this past october and as many as you know it makes having control over the kitchen a lot harder. i'm looking forward to having my own space again (and less temptation when it comes to food!).

with my bachelorette coming up, my birthday, AND valentines i'm thinking i better take another little sugar free detox while i still have a fighting chance. just for the week! wish me luck....

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