Thursday, February 6, 2014


what do you find your value in?
do you find it in your work? your children? your appearance?

do you find it in the negative qualities of your flesh? what you parents told you you would never be? the way your best friend rejected you?

do you find it in the positive qualities of your flesh? your good marks in school, your creations, your ability to lead?

stop trying to control everything.
all earthly values will come crashing down at one point or another, and will leave you feeling value-less. thinking too lowly OR too greatly of yourself will damage you the same way in the end.

know that you can have value in something greater than yourself. in something that will never let you down. in a greater purpose. let go of yourself and peace, joy, and love will follow. 
do not worry about what may come your way tomorrow. what happened yesterday.

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